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Hi guys! My name is Alyssa and I’m currently a freshman at Oregon State University, studying bio-engineering.  While some of you know me in “real life”, many of you probably know me from when I was a 2013-2014 BP. Blogger for Nordstrom (view my old posts here). This blog will be similar to my BP. blog in the sense that I will still be sharing style and beauty inspo on a regular basis. However, it will also include a lot more lifestyle pieces–travel adventures, cooking in the dorms, starving in the dorms, etc.


ALIKA is my traditional Hawaiian name, and it means protector or warrior. It is not a feminine name (there are far more males named Alika), but that’s just how Alyssa translates. While Alika is not my legal name nor do I really go by it,  the name has been with me since I can remember.

LEILANI is my middle name (also Hawaiian), and literally means “heavenly garland of flowers”. Figuratively, it means “heavenly child”.

I chose Alika Leilani as my blog title because it’s the perfect juxtaposition of hard and soft, which is something I strive for in both my style and life– mixing leather and chiffon, providing a strong front while still maintaining compassion, etc.



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